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Terms & Conditions



(1) License: we own the software.  For vacationers, our goal is to make your visit more enjoyable by giving you convenient access to the features of your vacation rental and the surrounding area.  If you are a renter, then once you finalize your rental arrangements, you will be provided with a complimentary copy of our HomeConcierge™ software. And for homeowners/managers (we call you “hosts”), our goal is to make it easier for you to be a successful host.  If you are a host, you will be given an opportunity to purchase our Builder software, which will enable you to gather and distribute information about one or more vacation properties.   And please remember:  both the software on this website, and the other software you may access through this site, belong to us.


(2) Our intellectual property. We are very proud of the way our software uses the computer's screen to make the relevant information available to you. We call that the "user interface" our intellectual property. We have already protected that intellectual property with copyrights and trademark protection. By using our software you and your guests agree to respect our intellectual property: you will not attempt to copy it, or build other software which imitates it or duplicates its style.


(3) Your privacy. HomeConcierge™ respects your privacy. We do collect information about your usage of all our software, but that is only to help us to improve our service. We will not sell or distribute your information, either the data you supply about yourself, or the information we collect about you, to third parties. 


(4) Our privacy. HomeConcierge™ has gone to a lot of work to gather all the information you might need during your stay. That information comes from a variety of internal and external sources: from the home owner, the realtor, local governments, and advertisers. Except for the information we received from advertisers, all the information in HomeConcierge is confidential. You will hold that information in confidence and will not make it available to anyone outside of your user group - that is, to yourself and your guests.


(5) Additional Terms.  Each of our software packages incorporates its own Terms and Conditions.  Please review and ACCEPT those additional terms and conditions before using our software. 


(6) Disclaimer of Liability. We try to make sure that all the information we present to you is accurate, but we cannot take responsibility for making sure that it is. Nor can we take responsibility for accidents or mishaps that occur at the places we list in our software. So please understand that HomeConcierge™ is not liable for any loss or damage you may incur because of inaccurate information supplied by the homeowner, or as a result of visiting the venues we list or utilizing their services.


(7) Applicable law. HomeConcierge™ is based in California, and this Agreement, and your usage of our software, is governed by California law.

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